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Gosar Responds to Babeu Abuse of Power

For Immediate Release: February 18, 2012

Contact: (928) 377-5747


“This is about an abuse of power, a misuse of public trust, and the continued use of official resources for personal and political gain,” said Congressman Gosar, on accusations that Babeu threatened his former Mexican boyfriend with deportation.

Gosar went on to note that “Babeu clearly believes that public funds, provided by hardworking taxpayers, are unlimited and interchangeable with campaign resources.  First, his campaign sent it’s news releases to the county website, where they remained posted for months. Last week, it was discovered that, while his office is over budget, he spent $35,000 on self promotional collectable coins and Centennial celebration badges. Today, in light of these new accusations, he hosted a campaign press conference, in uniform at the sheriff’s office, with sheriffs office employees, campaign staff and campaign volunteers intermingled.  It is as though he believes the rule of law does not apply to him.”