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Congressman Paul Gosar to Seek Re-Election in Congressional

Will continue to represent Greater Arizona

Prescott, AZ – Today, at the Yavapai GOP committee meeting, Congressman Paul Gosar announced that he will seek re-election in the Congressional “River District.” Congressman Gosar currently represents nearly 200,000 Arizonans from this newly created Congressional District and has extensively traveled this new District. Dr. Gosar said:

“I was elected by the people of rural Arizona and sent to fight the insiders, career politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. I promised small business owners and hardworking taxpayers I would fight job killing regulations and I have. I was sent to protect the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens and I have. I was sent to take on the Obama Administration and its failures on our border, and I have.

I am honored to have heard from so many voters, supporters and local elected officials who have been pleased with the work I have done on their behalf. They want and deserve a leader who will aggressively pursue strong conservative policies and get results. That’s exactly what I have done.

I’ve proven I’m a work horse successfully pushing common sense solutions and asking tough questions. As one of the most successful freshman legislators, I have established a record for delivering on my promise of results for those who sent me.

I am a family man. I am a small businessman. My achievements in Congress to date have benefited all Arizona and I look forward to continue to serve our state.”

Dr. Paul Gosar D.D.S has been a small business owner for over 25 years. Elected in 2010, Gosar beat a tax and spend liberal incumbent to go to Washington, DC and stand up against career politicians and the special interests lobby. As one of the most effective members of the 95-member freshmen class Congressman Gosar has passed five House floor amendments and two stand alone bills. One bill has already become law. Additionally, Congressman Gosar has introduced a resolution of no confidence in Attorney General Eric Holder for his negligent actions in the Fast & Furious gun running operation.

Currently, there are 84 members of Congress that have co-sponsored this.