Immigration and Border Security

“We need to immediately secure our border. I oppose amnesty in all forms.”Dr. Paul Gosar

The Federal Government has failed its constitutional duty to secure our border. President Obama’s unwillingness to uphold the Rule of Law is one of our most pressing national security risks and has put the people of Arizona at risk. The Obama Administration has given amnesty to illegal immigrants who have then raped and killed innocent Americans. Such actions are inexcusable. Further, unilateral executive actions on immigration are unconstitutional. Dr. Gosar has been leading the charge in Congress to secure the border and end Obama’s executive amnesty policies.

In March of 2016, Dr. Gosar led five appropriations submissions to crack down on illegal immigration. Specifically, Paul utilized the power of the purse to demand that appropriators ensure we build the fence, defund sanctuary cities, defund all of Obama’s executive amnesty programs, defund Central American Amnesty flights, and reimburse states for the cost of incarcerating illegal immigrants. Breitbart News covered these five appropriations efforts submitted by Dr. Gosar and his colleagues.

Paul has introduced legislation to prevent illegal immigrants from receiving in-state tuition, to end outdated U.S. policies that give amnesty to Cubans, to resume zero tolerance immigration policies under Operation Streamline, to terminate the Central American amnesty program that flies illegals to the U.S. from three Central American countries and puts them on a pathway to citizenship, and to prevent gang members and violent criminal aliens from entering the country and receiving amnesty. Paul also spearheaded an effort to encourage the Government Accountability office to determine whether Obama’s executive amnesty orders violate the Anti-Deficiency Act.

Dr. Gosar sponsored an amendment to prevent the Obama Administration from operating a backdoor amnesty program that allows illegal aliens to enlist in the military. As Breitbart News reports, the administration “is accelerating its program to recruit younger illegals and put them on a fast-track to citizenship.” Prior to a memo from the Obama Administration in 2014, DACA aliens and other unlawful illegal immigrants were not allowed to enlist in the military. Unfortunately, the establishment refused to allow a vote on Paul’s amendment to block this unlawful program.

In addition, Paul has cosponsored multiple pieces of legislation to bolster security and support border patrol agents, to build the fence, to require mandatory jail time for illegals that return to the U.S. after being deported, and to prevent illegal immigrants that are arrested for violent crimes from being released into our communities.

Dr. Gosar has a career ‘A+’ grade with the immigration enforcement advocacy group NumbersUSA for his leadership on immigration enforcement issues in Congress.

Dr. Gosar opposes amnesty in all forms and will continue to do everything in his power to secure the border and end unlawful executive immigration policies that are putting Arizona communities at risk.