“I strongly believe we need to immediately secure our border and oppose amnesty for anyone who blatantly violates our law.”Dr. Paul Gosar

The Federal Government has completely failed its constitutional, legal and moral duty to secure our borders. As a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security, Homeland Defense, and Foreign Operations, Dr. Gosar has held the Obama Administration’s feet to the fire over its failures to protect the citizens of Arizona and our country.

Dr. Gosar knows, first and foremost, that the federal government must secure the border.  Dr. Gosar was the only Republican in the Arizona House Congressional Delegation to support legislation which provides for the highest number of border patrol officers and agents in our country’s history.  Additionally, he has cosponsored legislation that will authorize additional national guard troops to the border, provide double layer fencing and authorize, end catch and release policies, and eliminate government regulations that prevent the brave men and women on the border from doing their jobs.

The United States is a nation of immigrants but more importantly is a nation of laws.  The country needs to start immigration reform by enforcing our current laws. Dr. Gosar opposed President Obama’s efforts to grant administrative “backdoor” amnesty and has cosponsored a bill, the Halt Act, that will legislatively stop his efforts.

We can no longer turn our backs on Arizona and allow illegal drug smugglers, human traffickers, criminals and murderers, sex trade operators, and others to cross our borders illegally, burden our schools and our jails and our hospitals, and expect the people of Arizona to continue paying the price.  Dr. Gosar has fought to change the status quo in his first term, and will continue to do so as your member of congress.

The immigration enforcement advocacy group “Numbers USA” recently granted Gosar an ‘A’ grade for his leadership on immigration enforcement issues in Congress.