On The Issues

Please take a minute to view Dr. Paul Gosar’s stance on important issues facing Arizona and the United States of America, and the steps he will take to face these challenges:

American families and businesses are indisputably experiencing financial distress, and we simply cannot add to this concern with a tax increase. Instead, we should be focusing our time and energy on ways to boost the private segments and lessen the extinguishing actions that are being driven by the opposing parties – ultimately disturbing American businesses.

The bailout of Wall Street was wrong. Washington’s elected officials need true oversight. We need a better government – not a bigger one. Dr. Paul Gosar is tired of Washington’s failure to secure our border, and believes in the rule of law and the support of law enforcement. He opposes amnesty and supports efforts to secure Arizona’s borders, rightfully. Together, we can amplify competition in the market place and refocus ourselves on growth.

Paul demands honesty and fidelity from Wall Street and will incessantly work to make our country better and get it back on track. In any respect, there is no more important function of the government, than protecting its citizens.