ICYMI: Babeu Blowup over Bailout

Click photo for story and video of Babeu Blow Up


In his first appearance since news of his troubled past as headmaster of the Desisto private school this past week, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu went, hat in hand, to the Pinal County Board of Supervisors, asking for a bailout after an audit found he is $1.6 million dollars over his budget of more than $47 million.

After attempting to kick-start his congressional campaign claiming to be a fiscal conservative, Babeu continues to show the voters of Congressional District 4 his true colors – demonstrating the same reckless disregard for fiscal sanity and proper accounting as the prior Congress’s  who put our nation on its current path towards bankruptcy.

What’s worse?  Babeu is seen in video of the meeting losing his temper and telling the Board, “Don’t tell me it’s my budget deficit.  It’s yours!”

This stunning development is yet another example of Babeu’s hypocrisy as he continues to campaign for congress despite calls for his withdraw by many throughout the community . Babeu is currently the subject of multiple investigations related to his abuse of power, authority and official resources.  His actions certainly paint a very different picture than his rhetoric.

We are all left to wonder if he cannot manage his own budget in the Sheriff’s office, how can anyone in good faith believe he will fight for a balanced budget in Washington?

Washington doesn’t need another politician who spending frivolously (like on collectable badges and coins or expensive trips), refuses make hard choices, and then looks to blame someone else.

We have enough people in Washington who are all too ready to blame others for our nations fiscal problems rather than do something about it.  We need someone who will face and tackle problems head on.  That person is Paul Gosar and he has a record to show for it.